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I was born and raised in Sydney River Cape Breton.  At the age of 10 I moved with my family to the Fall River area and graduated High School at Charles P Allen.  In my youth I was active is the Royal Canadian Army Cadets until I was accepted to University at Saint Mary’s.  Before finishing my degree, I was fortunate to get employment with MT&T Mobility and spent several years in sales and marketing positions within Telecommunications.

My work experience is varied.  I have worked in Telecommunications in sales and as a technician, worked for 3 years at Halifax International Airport, owned my own company, and spend the last 13 years in Business Development roles in the Institutional, Commercial and Industrial Construction.  My career over the past decade has afforded me the opportunity to travel not only Canada but internationally.  I worked to promote Nova Scotia Companies to new markets and potential clients.  Working with our provinces economic development teams to promote out abilities as a province.

After spending 20 years In the St Margaret’s area, I now call Dartmouth South home.  My partner Sarah and I live in the flower streets.  I have loved this area since the beginning.  There is a real sense of community I value.  It was very Satisfying watching our neighbors come together as a community during the last two years. 

My family has always believed in community.  My parents are constant volunteers for many causes.  My fathers work with the Canadian Legion and veterans or my sister who fights for children with dyslexia we have always valued community stewardship.  My volunteering started in University with Intellectually challenged adults and lead to minor hockey and the Max McKeen Martin foundation for the IWK Immunology department. I have served on several committees with the Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council promoting the trades to youth and advancing unionized trades.   The community activism is what excites me about politics.  As an elected steward for our community, it is our responsibility to be responsive to our constituents and a leader in the community.

Lending neighbors a hand or checking in on our seniors as we faced the challenges of 2020 & 2021. The heroes to list during this past pandemic are many.  From the teachers who provided stability to our children in and out of school, or the healthcare professionals who fought the winning fight, the clerks at our grocery stores and truck drivers who kept the supply lines open. Our business community especially those in hospitality who made continued sacrifices for the people of this province.

And to you, the citizens of Dartmouth South who headed public health warning and obeyed the guidelines and got vaccinated.  Lastly to Dr. Strang and his team at Public Health the burden placed on your shoulders was immense.


It is time once again to come together as a community.  Dartmouth is an exciting community to live in.  The growth of our downtown and investment in community is just getting started.  Lets focus our combined energize to a new economic era and strong communities.


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